Explore the Resonosphere

What if a sound space could help you tap into your body..?

Join the Resonosphere tribe & explore the making of this project with us.

Experiments in Steel, Obsidian + Geopolymer Concrete.....

The Resonosphere is a spherical sculpture people step inside and experience the sound, materials + space, against the body.

The current phase is Emily making + experimenting with Colin on the geometry and structure of steel spheres in the Western Australian Goldfields workshop.

The Art Installation

The Resonosphere is an Art Installation dedicated to people who have recovered from, or are living through illness, trauma and loss.  People have brave stories to tell, of endurance, of suffering but also of triumph in their lives.

It is a practical experiential art installation. The idea is one steps inside the chamber, to experience the material, stillness, space + resonance; that it may open a doorway for people to experience sound and connection with their body.

I think it’s important to acknowledge our human emotion, our struggles + suffering, so that we can find our way through it + live to the full + realise the power of the human spirit to endure + to realise our potential.

The Resonosphere is a project exploring what it means to be human, the journey within. Experiencing art is a powerful positive force in the world; as is connecting with self and each other.

Emily McGuire, Artist