Emily in her studio

Emily McGuire is a Perth based practicing artist who expresses her interest in space, sound, materials and the body using her skills in drawing, painting, silk screens, text and mixed media. Material research and architecture inform her practice. 

Emily believes art holds vital qualities: the ability to tell stories, connect people and speak truths. Experiencing art allows people to resonate fully in their own frequencies.

Her long held interest in the connection between art, science and health is informed by her University of Melbourne Post Grad focus on the CO2 emission attributes of geopolymer concrete. The three dimensional aspect of her art involves building a sound sphere she calls The Resonosphere that people can step inside to experience sensory vibrations through their bodies.She aims to position this finished interactive sculpture in the desert of the West Australian Goldfields.

Emily invites collaboration with other artists, scientists and writers.


2013  First Class Honours, University of Melbourne Post-Graduate Masters Research Scholarship https://minerva-access.unimelb.edu.au/handle/11343/37934

Moss Scholarship Bachelor Architecture Honours: Affect of Architectural-Spatial Environments on Human Health, case study psychiatric hospital settings + comparing therapeutic models + spatial dynamics.

Registered Architect ARBV | ARBWA | B.Arch Hons



2017-2019  Studio Exhibitions, Pakenham Street Art Studios, Fremantle, Western Australia 

2016          WA World Aids Day Zero Exhibition, Perth, Western Australia

2015          Pakenham Street Art Studios Fremantle Western Australia

2012-2014  Shakespeare Grove Art Studios St Kilda Melbourne

2006-2008  Red Box Art Studios Fitzroy Melbourne

2014         Shakespeare Grove Artists Group Exhibition St Kilda

2013         Shakespeare Grove Artists Group Exhibition St Kilda

2009-2012 Studio Group Exhibitions, Melbourne

2009         Swinging Lantern Exhibition Melbourne

2019  Resonosphere development, Upper Hand Limit Silk Screens, Last Drillhole artworks

2018  Resonosphere and Hand Installations

2017  Studio practice and materials research

2016  WA World Aids Day Zero Exhibition

2015  Geosonics Sound Space Project

2015  Endangered Species Series

2015  ArtShakti. FoodArt, Health Body

2014  Art for Space/Space for Art Project

2014  Meditate Create Tythe Project

2013  Surf Yoga Series

2012  Sound Body Health Project

2012  House, Fitout and Steel Screens Design and Installations

2011  Module Concrete Shell Housing

2008  Design of High Performance Concretes2002 -2020 Steel Screens, Silk Screens and  Lighting