Emily in her studio

About Emily

For over two decades, Emily has sustained a persistent arts practice alongside a professional career in architecture and engineering. Her art concepts and making clearly benefit from this experience as well as research into the effects of ‘Architectural-Spatial Environments on Human Health’ and the ‘CO2 emission attributes of geopolymer concrete’. Since returning to Western Australia in 2013, Emily has maintained a studio practice at PSAS in Fremantle.

The act of making, for Emily, is a meditation on transformation through art. Emily’s process involves a practice of unravelling the knots of human suffering; deep-diving into what it means to empathise and exploring the pursuit of balance. Her careful arrangements of contrasting elements and materials – often incorporating painting, textiles, and objects – are at once cathartic yet still calmly exploratory, searching for the ultimate frequency. This philosophical, and poetic, approach aims to invoke a resonant feeling of wellbeing in her audience.

Academic Qualifications

2022 Current Post-Grad Study – Fine Arts Honours Year
Bachelor Fine Arts (Hons), The University of Western Australia
School of Design; Faculty of Arts, Business, Law, Education

  • The University of Western Australia, ARTF2054:
    Drawing, Painting and Print studio, 2020
  • The University of Western Australia, NEURO100:
    Neuroscience in Society, 2020

2013 First Class Honours, University of Melbourne Post-Graduate Masters Research Scholarship

Moss Scholarship Bachelor Architecture Honours: Affect of Architectural-Spatial Environments on Human Health, case study psychiatric hospital settings + comparing therapeutic models + spatial dynamics.

Registered Architect ARBV | ARBWA | B.Arch Hon


2022 ION III, Lost Eden Gallery, Dwellingup (Opening Night 28th May 2022)

2021 Lost Eden Gallery, Dwellingup WA, Solastalgia, Group Exhibition & Fundraiser

2021 PS Art Space, Group Exhibition

2020 Shroud, Lvl 1 Gallery, PSAS, Fremantle, Western Australia

2017 – 2019 Studio Exhibitions, Pakenham Street Art Studios (PSAS), Fremantle, Western Australia

2016 WA World Aids Day Zero Exhibition, Perth, Western Australia

2015 Pakenham Street Art Studios Fremantle Western Australia

2012 – 2014 Shakespeare Grove Art Studios St Kilda Melbourne

2006 – 2008 Red Box Art Studios Fitzroy Melbourne

2014 Shakespeare Grove Artists Group Exhibition St Kilda

2013 Shakespeare Grove Artists Group Exhibition St Kilda

2009 – 2012 Studio Group Exhibitions, Melbourne

2009 Swinging Lantern Exhibition Melbourne

Artistic Development

2019 Resonosphere development, Upper Hand Limit Silk Screens, Last Drillhole artworks

2018 Resonosphere and Hand Installations

2017 Studio practice and materials research

2016 WA World Aids Day Zero Exhibition

2015 Geosonics Sound Space Project

2015 Endangered Species Series

2015 ArtShakti. Food Art, Health Body

2014 Art for Space/Space for Art Project

2014 Meditate Create Tythe Project

2013 Surf Yoga Series

2012 Sound Body Health Project2012 House, Fitout and Steel Screens Design and Installations

2011 Module Concrete Shell Housing

2008 Design of High Performance Concretes

2002 – 2020 Steel Screens, Silk Screens and Lighting